A history of joe mccarthy and mccarthyism

Senator Joseph McCarthy rose to national prominence by initiating a probe to ferret out communists holding prominent positions.

A history of joe mccarthy and mccarthyism

Library of Congress smithsonian. Her speech represented a highlight for the congressional maverick with a career full of similar moments of bipartisanship.

Earlier that day, June 1,Smith had bumped into the bombastic Wisconsin senator as they made their way to work. Only four months earlier, McCarthy had delivered an inflammatory speech claiming people working in the State Department were secretly communists.

Since then, Smith had been closely following his words and actions, meant to undermine the Democratic party and seed suspicion everywhere.

A history of joe mccarthy and mccarthyism

Are you going to make a speech? Importantly, she was also quick to point out the Truman administration had failed to do enough to prevent the spread of communism at home and abroad. But her conclusion called on all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, to stand for the defense of civil liberties.

It was a remarkable moment, not only because Smith was a woman, or the first person to speak out against McCarthy, but because she was willing to speak out against her fellow Republicans.

Again and again over the 32 years she spent in Congress, Smith defended her values, even when it meant opposing the GOP—and even when it cost her personally.


Margaret traveled with her husband to Washington, D. Not only did she win the special election to finish his term, she won her own full term in Congress by running on a platform of supporting pensions for the elderly and military expansion.

Over the next eight years, Smith repeatedly won reelection to the House as a Republican, though she mostly followed her own conscience and frequently voted across party lines.

She sponsored legislation to make women recognized members of the military rather than volunteers and voted against making the House Select Committee on Un-American Activities which investigated communism a permanent committee.

Hildreth in the four-way race. When McCarthy began his accusations of communism run amok in the American government, Smith, like many others, was initially concerned that he might be right. She had been a fervent anti-communist throughout her political career and introduced a bill to outlaw the Communist Party inthree years after her speech against McCarthy.

It soon became clear that McCarthy had grossly exaggerated his claims. But for all the furor her speech produced, Smith quickly fell out of the limelight when North Korean forces invaded the South at the end of June.

When McCarthy gained control of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations which monitored government affairshe took advantage of the position to remove Smith from the group, replacing her with acolyte Richard Nixon, then a senator from California.

Although she remained a member of the Republican party, party leaders never quite knew how to make sense of her, Brennan says.

She held a record for casting 2, consecutive roll call votes between andwhich was interrupted only by her recovery from hip surgery.

And inshe announced she was running for President. Though she never made it past the primaries, she still became the first woman to have her name put in for nomination for the presidency by a major political party.

But Smith did vote to censure him inand, Brennan says, she refused to sign a card from other Republicans apologizing for censuring him.McCarthyism a vociferous campaign against alleged communists in the US government and other institutions carried out under the American Republican politician Senator Joseph McCarthy (–57) in the period –4.

The Age of McCarthyism: A Brief History with Documents (The Bedford Series in History and Culture) Third Edition. McCarthyism is the practice in the United States of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.

The term refers to U.S. senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin) and has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting from the late s through the s. It was characterized by heightened political repression as well as a. McCarthyism Facts - Joseph "Joe" McCarthy (November 14, – May 2, ) was born in Wisconsin to a family of devout Roman Catholics.

He graduated . The Senator Who Stood Up to Joseph McCarthy When No One Else Would the New McCarthyism, Lorraine Boissoneault is a contributing writer to pfmlures.com covering history and archaeology. Oct 29,  · Watch video · Joseph McCarthy and the Rise of McCarthyism.

All of these factors combined to create an atmosphere of fear and dread, which proved a ripe environment for the rise of a staunch anticommunist like.

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