An analysis of the factors which contributed to the large population growth spurt in los angeles

Alexander Trigaux We all know there is no love lost between California and Washington politics. However, since California is the 5thlargest economy in the world, the policies and decisions made in California may be putting the U. Up and down the West Coast, California has numerous ports including those at:

An analysis of the factors which contributed to the large population growth spurt in los angeles

While this website will remain online, it is no longer maintained. History - Dr. Today we are going to step back a bit and take a close look at Southern California and the dramatic growth that occurred there prior to World War II.

Further, we will take our study of Los Angeles into the post-war era by examining the riots that tore Southern California apart in the late 20th Century.

An analysis of the factors which contributed to the large population growth spurt in los angeles

To gain a logistical and geographical understanding of Southern California, with an emphasis on Los Angeles. To examine the growth of Southern California at the end of the 19th Century.

To understand how the eternal quest for water shaped the history of Southern California and Los Angeles. To chronologically examine the way in which transportation technologies influenced the growth of Southern California and Los Angeles in the early 20th Century.

To understand the Rodney King Riots. To gain a logistical and geograpical understanding of Southern California, with an emphasis on Los Angeles A logistical understanding of Southern California and Los Angeles: During the Mexican era, the Los Angeles basin consisted of five huge ranchos.

Orange County consisted of 20 ranchos. The population of Los Angeles grew very little until the end of the 19th Century: However, its population skyrocketed in the 20th Century: Its population skyrocketed in the 20th Century: On October 24,one of the worst race riots in American history occurred in Los Angeles when a mob of a 1, people armed with guns, knives, and ropes descended on Chinatown.

The grand jury indicted people, six of whom were sentenced but soon released.

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The photo below is of L. Inthe seedless navel orange was introduced to California from Brazil. Inthe first street car system in L. Inthe first automobile appeared in L.

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InEdward Doheny discovered oil near the present day location of Dodger Stadium, thus stimulating L. InLos Angeles was the first U. Inthe L. City Council placed a ban on free speech from public streets and private property except for the Plaza. The ban was largely aimed at union organizers.

The Parkland Florida shooting was 612 days after the 6/12 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida.

Griffith was the first director to shoot film in Los Angeles. Inthe completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct assured the continued growth of the city. InRed Car lines extended from downtown L. In there wereautomobiles registered in L. The photo to the right is the first recorded photo of smog in L.

Inthe first military industrial complex in the nation began in L. More than 6 million people lived in Los Angeles County. Today, Los Angeles is the most populous city in California, the second most populous city in the United States, and the 14th largest urban area in the world.

An analysis of the factors which contributed to the large population growth spurt in los angeles

For a very detailed "Historical Timeline of Los Angeles," go to http: In Southern California, not a single natural lake, river, or creek exists with a year-round flow of water. Southern California developed as an artificial, completely man-made region in which virtually everything has been imported: The largest city in Southern California is Los Angeles which consists of square miles.

The central, southern, and southeastern parts of Los Angeles are contained in the Los Angeles Basin - an area that is about 35 miles long and 15 miles wide and consists of a tremendous sand-filled hole whose walls are formed by the San Gabriel, Santa Monica and Santa Ana Mountains and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

To examine the growth of Southern California at the end of the 19th Century Beginning in the s, some local leaders in Los Angeles began to explore several ways to encourage the growth of the city and end the isolation of the Southern California region.

Bringing a RR line to Los Angeles.

Homeless in L.A. – homeless population surges 75% in past six years. » Dr. Housing Bubble Blog

Insome leaders explored possible ties with the Central Pacific RR - efforts that achieved some success in when the Central Pacific agreed to build a mile highway between the Central Valley and Los Angeles.

Advertising the health advantages of living in California. Beginning incity boosters claimed that the climate was helpful in curing tuberculosis and encouraged invalids and their families to move to Southern California.Purpose.

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The total population maps show the population growing into the high category by Taking into consideration the population growth of the surrounding counties, an assumption can be made that most of the people in San Bernardino County are concentrated in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Tert-butyl alcohol is an isomer of butanol that contains a tertiary butyl group that consists of three methyl groups, each separately attached to a central (tertiary) carbon. In Los Angeles County, with million residents, the approximately 9 proportion of obesity among adults has increased from % in to % in (LADPH, ).

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