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Ashoka Leyland Company, Respected Sir, I have bought a 40 seater bus from the Rajesh Motors, Alwar in October but since when I have bought the bus I am daily facing on or one another problem, even the heads of company are also not trying to solve any problem. They have never given me any satisfactory answer and always misbehavers. I have many problems regarding the bus and your company, which lastly I am dictating to you are as follows:

Ashok leyland ltd


Mobility is fuelled by smarter solutions Ashok leyland ltd are economically feasible and not reliant on subsidies. We can live and breathe a cleaner, less polluted world for ourselves and future generations.

Ashok leyland ltd

Pushing the Frontiers The core team behind SUN Mobility is involved in designing innovative solutions for Electric Vehicles EV and clean energy for more than two decades to create a fully electric mobility ecosystem.

We have leveraged our vast knowledge and experience acquired from working with fleet operators, shared mobility providers, state transport undertakings, and, automotive OEMs to create viable, scalable, economical, cleaner and, smarter mobility solutions for the world.

EVs - long considered to be an alternate solution to the urban mobility crisis - have not been adopted on a large-scale due to deterrents such as: Long charging time EVs normally take 8 hours to charge and upto 1 to 2 hours for a fast charge. However, both options are still long drawn.

Equivalent Infrastructure ICE vehicles have a strong supportive refuelling infrastructure; a similar charging infrastructure for EVs is not widespread.

Shaping the Future of Mobility We develop customised solutions for India's changing mobility needs. The challenges in India's urban transportation are unique and require a tailor-made solution.

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As specialists in the field of electric mobility and renewable energy we have created an open-architecture, 'Smart Mobility' model deployable across multiple vehicle platforms — 2 and 3 wheelers, cars and buses.

This "Made in India" solution tackles four main roadblocks in mass EV adoption like high costs, long charging time, equivalent infrastructure, and range anxiety. Our business model separates the battery from the vehicle making EVs financially viable for the first time.

The strength of our intelligent and connected batteries along with our Quick Interchange Stations Network, creates a convenient refuelling infrastructure, faster and cheaper than existing petrol and diesel pumps for ICE vehicles.

This interconnected, intelligent system powered by renewable energy will be tracked by a Smart Network. This end-to-end solution accelerates the mass adoption of EVs for the first time and is a step closer to our vision to transit urban transportation to a sustainable world creating an impact.

Our quick interchange station for 3 and 2 wheelers is modular, intelligent and connected. It allows the vehicles for a quick swap in 1-minute. The station is easy to use you can just swap the battery with a fully charged smart battery with minimal waiting time.

The QIS supports digital payments on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our quick interchange station are convenient and easy to install.Nearly two dozen companies, including 8K Miles Software Services, Ashok Leyland, Atishay, Crisil, Federal Bank, Goa Carbon, Hindustan Media Ventures, ICICI Lombard General Insurance, Integrated.

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Equity Research: Commodity Research: With over 18 years of market experience we have buit an outstanding bassket of products to suite your objectives.

Ashok Leyland was established as Ashok Motors in the year and later rechristened to Ashok Leyland in after collaborating with British Leyland Motors under Hinduja Group. Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Axles India Ltd. Audco India Ltd. Autotech Industries India Pvt. Ltd. Bharat Earth Movers Ltd.

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Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. BOSCH Ltd. The origin of Ashok Leyland, a Hinduja group company can be traced to the urge for self–reliance, felt by independent India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime M.

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