Copy me copycub writing activities

We Are Family Families are the first "group" to which children belong. Many students don't fit into the kind of families that are typically and displayed in books and media. It's important for children to see the diversity of their own family and others reflected in the books they read and are available in the classroom library.

Copy me copycub writing activities

Chart paper Marker Tell the class that they are going to play a rhyming word guessing game using the book Fly With the Birds. Explain that you will read each page, but before you open the flap they will create a list of words that rhyme with the last word read. Record all of the rhyming words that they think of.

Leave enough space between words so they can be cut apart for another activity. Now ask the class to guess which rhyming word will be under the flap.

Lift the flap and compare their predictions. Continue until they have completed the book. Extensions Create a New Rhyme Invite the class to create a new rhyming sentence for each page of the book. Record their rhyming sentence ideas on chart paper. Substitute their ideas instead of reading the words under the flap.

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Rhyming-Words Match Cut apart the rhyming-word lists. Place three groups of rhyming words on the table. Invite a small group of children to work together to match the rhyming words.

Rotate the word sets so they have an opportunity to match all of the rhyming words. Place the words in resealable plastic bags so children can use them again to play the rhyming-word matching game and practice their reading and phonemic awareness skills. Find the Word Sentence-strip paper or index cards Marker Resealable plastic bags Pencils Working with three or four students at a time, give them a few pieces of sentence-strip paper or index cards and pencils.

Have each group focus on specific pages of the book, choosing words from the illustrated word lists to copy onto the paper. Take all of the word cards and mix them up.

Then divide the words into several resealable plastic bags. Number each bag to identify the word groups. The following day, during small-group time, give them one plastic bag full of words.

Place the words in the center of the floor or table.

copy me copycub writing activities

As they reread each page ask them to find the words from their pile that match words in the book. Continue the activity for several days so each group has had an opportunity to use all of the words. Place the words and the book in a basket so they can continue to engage in the activity alone or with classmates.

The book and word cards can also be used as a take-home literacy activity. Create a Story Photocopies of each illustrated word page Writing paper Activity Invite the children to choose one of the photocopied pages. Review the words with each child. Then ask them to create a story using all of the words.

Offer assistance if needed. Provide time for everyone to share his or her stories. Keep the photocopied pages in the writing center and encourage the children to use them to create more stories.

copy me copycub writing activities

Seuss Full of humor, silly rhymes, and crazy creatures guaranteed to engage children while expanding their vocabulary.Copy-the-pictures are one of my favorite activities. In each activity, there are two grids. One has a picture and the other does not; you have to .

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Guided Writing Read and Respond Read and Respond Conferences Conferences planninG support & sample lesson • Copy of Fluent Guided Reading Lesson Plan template (see Appendix, page ) • Copy of Fluent Guided Reading Anecdotal Notes sheet (see Appendix, page ). What Is Copywriting and What Is Its Purpose?

Copywriting is re-arranging words to make things sell better. It is a text form of salesmanship. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

Writing website copy that makes sales or signups.

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By Steven Hicks. Grades. PreK–K. From Unit Plan: We Are Copy Me, Copycub by Richard Edwards; illustrated by Susan Winter. Through spring, summer, and autumn, a little bear cub follows his mother in the forest. COPY ME, COPYCUB, like GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU is a book that I can remember effortlessly.

The story is beautiful and engaging without being overly sentimental, and the authors do not shy away from the very real danger little things face in /5(13).

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