Cuny writing assesment

Fact questions Inference questions Note: The inferential questions are more challenging than direct questions. Hence, attempt all question types for each passage that you practice.

Cuny writing assesment

Midterm Reflection and Low-stakes Writing With midterms over, or nearly over, and spring break on the horizon, many of us cuny writing assesment taking stock of student performance.

In a perfect world we would all look at our grade books or spreadsheets and see that all of our students were right on track. In reality, this is a time when some are left wondering, why are midterm scores are lower than expected? That gap between expectation and performance is an important one to explore, and one of the ways to do so is through low-stakes writing.

Self-assessment has a long history in higher education. Studies on and strategies for student self-assessment abound, and the above links provide a starting point for those who are interested in exploring the topic.

One WAC-friendly approach is low-stakes writing. Low-stakes writing is short, reflective writing. There are a number of ways that you might structure low-stakes midterm self-evaluations. They can be take-home, in-class, or online. They can focus on the midterm exam or assignment, or consider the course up to the point of writing.

In any case, prompts should encourage students to think about themselves as learners and set both you and your students up to be more effective in the coming weeks of the semester. Low-stakes writing suggestions include questions about the midterm: Was the format of the midterm what you expected?

What about the content? Was there anything about the midterm that surprised you?

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Are there any concepts that you still do not understand at this point of semester? What areas of course content do you feel particularly strong in? What areas do you need to work on? Did the grade you received on the midterm match your expectations?

Do you know where you stand, grade-wise, in this class? Are you content with your grade thus far? Do you know what you need to do if you want your grade to improve? How do you prepare for class meetings, generally?

How did you prepare for the midterm? Is there anything that you would change about your study habits? No matter what you ask, low-stakes writing assignments like these can be a great way to facilitate communication between you and your students.

Beilock discuss two laboratory studies and two randomized field experiments that support the hypothesis that writing about text anxiety can help alleviate its impact on performance. The studies show that students facing high-pressure exam situations, which midterms and finals certainly can be, may perform better if they have the opportunity to write about their concerns pre-exam.

This is because, as Ramirez and Beilock explain, performance anxieties disrupt the ability of the working memory to focus on the task at hand. They discovered that getting some of the negative thoughts out in writing before an exam allowed those who suffered from high test anxiety to perform as well as those who did not.

While it may be too late to try this kind of low-stakes writing for the midterm exam, there are still ways to incorporate the insights from this article. You could devote ten minutes to writing-the-fear-away before the final exam.

Their idea to try writing to lower test anxiety was based on the idea of therapeutic writing, which is used over a span of time to help manage negative thoughts and feelings.

A classroom application of this concept might be to periodically give students free-writing time to write out all of their concerns related to the class.An essential aspect of this assessment process is the participation of students who have used the services offered by the Writing Center.

If you are a student currently enrolled at Baruch, and you have used the Writing Center, please take a moment to fill out this survey.

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Cashier and server, and i could not even get ample time essay writing assessment to discuss what you learn from the way an artist. As part of the admissions process at CUNY, students are required to demonstrate their competence in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

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The CUNY Assessment Tests are critical in measuring your readiness for college success. The CUNY Writing Test is a standardized writing test that measures your ability to do college-level writing in English and assess your readiness for introductory college courses.

cuny writing assesment

In the test, you are required to read, understand, and respond to a passage of words. The CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW) The CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW) requires students to read a brief reading passage and then write an essay about the passage.

Students have 90 minutes (1 ½ hours) to complete the essay.


Students are permitted to have a paper-back dictionary during the test. At CUNY School of Professional Studies, Writing Fellows: work with students, offering writing workshops, handout materials, and individual tutoring.

assist faculty, providing resources on writing issues, strategies to avoid plagiarism, assignment design and scaffolding, diagnostic and assessment rubrics, and writing-to-learn activities.

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