If i could be any animal i would be

Fast runner, Expert swimmer; but male incubates eggs and raises young So why not fish he lives in water, has fins, and uses gills to get oxygen from the water; but The Great White Shark is a powerful predator known to attack humans.

If i could be any animal i would be

Some reasons I would want to be a wolf are they have fur as soft as the touch of a cloud their howl is outstanding. A few other reasons are they have a pack to rely on like a child that has a family to rely on.

They also have sharp teeth and sharp claws to defend themselves which could come in handy. Their also fierce and brave like a soldier off to war. Another one is they get to roam free and never get cold.

The wolf can almost run as fast as a cheetah, which would be useful for when Ms. Hamelin tells us to run laps. They can also hear things from a very far distance which would also come in handy so I could hear my friends talking about how amazing I am.

A wolf can also stay up all night if they wanted to which would be awesome. Kaylee Paige it was really good and interesting! I would want to be a horse because you can eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom whenever you want.

You could gallop in a huge open space. Go in huge races like the Breeder Cup. If I where a horse I would want to have a shiny coat and with a long pretty main and tail. The first thing I would do is finding a place to live. Once I have found a place to live I will try grain and hay but I am so sure about trying hay and grain.

And is someone where to go onto me I would let them ride me. But if they kick me to hard I will buck them off. The next thing I would do is get shoed I wonder if it will hurt me or it will be fine. And I will also want to find an apple tree cause I can eat the apple in one bite.

And I could make a bunch of noises and nobody will care at lease I think. Horse are amazing, beautiful animals I wound love to be a horse. Olivia December 2, at The reason I would be a donkey is because all you have to do is eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and of course, let people pet you.

The best part about being a donkey is you can out smart people for example. People nag at you so they put a carrot in front of you. If I were a donkey I would be a female. I would have a long mane and tail.

But my tail would look like a horses tail, not like a normal donkey tail. My mane and tail would have purple streaks like amethysts shining in the night. And my hooves and eyes would be the same color as my hair. Since I looked so beautiful little girls would come up to me and put a top coat on my hooves.

Also they would curl, straiten, crimp, and braid my hair. They made me look like a top model. Also they would buy contacts that were miraculous shades of purples and apply them in my eyes.

They would also feed me dyed food in the color purple and feed it to me.

If i could be any animal i would be

And every time they did my tail they would put a purple bow at the bottom or at the top of my tail. The bow that they but it would sparkle like diamonds in the sky.

This is how normal people think of donkeys.

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Here be Magic: If You Could Be Any Animal… If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose and why? If I could have any animal as a pet, it would be a monkey.

Small, matted fur, noisy, big-eared dummies, lazy, stubborn, and annoying. Some of them are true but other ones are flat out rude. But this is how I think of donkeys.Apr 11,  · Ok. Somehow in 20 years time, scientists (weirdly) invent a machine which converts human DNA into animal DNA, and people were given a choice: To choose what animal they would pfmlures.com: Resolved.

If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a Koala Bear. 0 Comments Leave a Reply. Author. Fantasy fiction is my passion.

If i could be any animal i would be

This series embodies my love for a good story and action. You will find it to be many things, but not boring! Read what you love and . If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a cat or a kitten because people would take care of me and I wouldn't need to take care of myself.

There are only two reason why I wouldn't want to be a cat or a kitten. Reason number one is that I could only see in black and white. Reason number two is that people might pull my tail. If I could be any animal in the world, I would choose to be an eagle—more specifically, a bald eagle.

Why—out of all the amazingly awesome avant-garde animals—would I choose to be a bald eagle? For starters, one of the most obvious and outstanding reasons to be a bald eagle is the capacity to fly. If you could choose any animal to walk in their shoes, fly in their wings, swim with their flukes, which one would you choose?

Dolphins for us Playful and fun, but completely able and intelligent and they are filled with LOVE!!! Feb 25,  · good point,other animals don't have sex so a monkey would be the best choice Anyways, I think a shark would be cool, underwater is so much different than anything you see on land which would be cool.

If you were an animal, what would you be?