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X Topic Abstract This session intends to deliberate on the practical challenges faced by the organizations in RPA implementations and why more than ever the need for a robust digital process automation framework is felt now. Prashanth Sankar X Topic Abstract Eaton recognized the need to improve the operational efficiency and optimize costs for its business processes and has embraced emerging technologies such as Robotics Process Automation RPA to build its digital workforce.

Lean at wipro

Creating measurable value for your business. Not merely managing your day-to-day finance function. Process-rich, not people-dependent finance management.

CFO Services and More For start-ups, SMES and large organizations. Flexible engagement models that work for you.

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FinAKS helps your organization become finance-ready, implementing robust processes and Compliance for better controls and establishing a process of arriving at decisions in an informed manner. FinAKS is deeply interested in your business strength and extends every imaginable support that is required to ensure its success.

FinAKS comprises an experienced, multi-faceted and highly motivated team of finance professionals who engage with your business taking complete ownership of outcomes.

FinAKS believes in building strong relationships, developing and designing process-rich finance systems that are business-focused. Getting the job done with integrity, accountability and agility is our mantra. Akshay Baweja Akshay has over 5 years of experience in Goldman Sachs as an operations interface between portfolio managers, internal stakeholders, custodians bank and clients by managing line functions and bespoke projects.

He is well versed with managing institutional investors with portfolios of several hundred million dollars.

Ashitha Ganapathy Ashitha is a Chartered Accountant with 3 years post qualification experience. In her spare time, she is a keen sports enthusiast and loves to travel and explore different places. Anand Anand is an out-of-the-box thinker who loves facing new challenges at work.

He is also a big time sports enthusiast who loves socializing. FinAKS enables and empowers the entire finance team including the CFO to take decisions with authority and confidence. Having serviced a broad spectrum of clients, both international and domestic, FinAKS understands that organizations need CFO support services that meet the following criteria: Flexible and customizable engagement Not all organizations are the same.

Each has a unique need in for specialised finance services. FinAKS analyses every requirement and tailors delivery models that is suitable and works for you. The offsite, onsite advantage FinAKS operates both offsite and onsite teams based on business requirements.

These teams work in tandem with existing finance teams and support, augment and manage day-to-day finance operations without disruption.Aindra is a world class company for AI in Healthcare. As the first beachhead, we've developed a point of care tool for screening of Cervical Cancer.

Lean at wipro

We are using computational pathology for accurate and faster diagnosis. Aindra's screeting tool for Cervical Cancer consists . The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is the most exclusive certification for the Lean Six Sigma quality management methodology. This Six Sigma Black Belt certification course is the final stage of the Masters program that will position you as an expert in implementing Lean, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Six Sigma Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) and Total Productive.

An Internet entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, an owner, founder or manager of an Internet based business. This list includes Internet company founders, and people brought on to companies for their entrepreneurship skills, not simply for their general business or accounting acumen, as is the case with some CEO's hired by companies started by entrepreneurs.

Conference on Lean Product Development (also called lean innovation or continuous improvement in R&D) that is focused on exchange: learn from experts and practitioners and gain hands on experience in mini workshops and one day workshops.

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What is digital transformation? A necessary disruption Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers.

Free Essay: OCTOBER 16, DAVID M. UPTON BRADLEY R. STAATS Lean at Wipro Technologies “We want to bring the next generation of lean thinking.

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