Management pattern of pubali bank ltd

Pubali Bank has been providing better services for its customers since with a promise to keep up its original tradition. After independence of Bangladesh in this bank was nationalized as per policy of the Government and renamed as Pubali Bank.

Management pattern of pubali bank ltd

Management pattern of pubali bank ltd

There are two types of credits: While Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee etc. The terms and conditions, the rights and privileges of the borrower and the banker differ in each case. In Bangladesh the category of loans, cash credits and advances accounts for the bulk of bank credit.

Purchase and discounting of bills is not as popular a means of bank credit as it is in advanced countries.

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The following are the existing practices in the country for grant of loans, cash credits and overdrafts. There are two types of Cash Credits C. CC-Pledge is sanctioned against pledge of marketable commodities.

When such advance is allowed to traders or wholesalers the underlying merchandise is pledged with the banker.

Another type of cash credit is hypothecation - -in short C. This is also an advance against stock of commodities and finished products but C.

For a borrower C. Hypo is quite advantageous because in hypothecation neither ownership nor possession of goods is transferred to the bank but an equitable charge is created over the movable assets in favor of the bank. The goods remain under the possession of the borrower who binds himself to give the possession to the banker whenever the latter requires him to do so.

Hypothecation is a convenient device to create a charge over the movable assets in circumstances in which transfer of possession is either inconvenient or impracticable.

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By hypothecating such stocks, the borrower may use the same in any manner he likes, e. A floating charge is created over the movable assets of the borrower on the basis of confidence reposed by the creditor.

Hypothecation is thus only an extended idea of pledge: When a current account holder is permitted by the banker to draw more than what stands to his credit, such an advance is called an overdraft. The banker may take some collateral security or may grant such advance on the personal security of the borrower.

The customer is permitted to withdraw the amount as and when he needs it and to repay it by means of deposit in his account as and when it is feasible for him.


Interest is charged on the exact amount overdrawn by the customer and for the period of its actual utilization. Generally, an overdraft facility is given by a bank on the basis of a written application and a promissory note signed by the customer.

In such cases an express contract comes into existence. Regular limit for a specific amount and period of time is sanctioned in case of overdraft.The topic of the report is “Human Resource Management Practices in Pubali bank Ltd”.

Human resources management is very much important for every business organization. Human Resources may be the most misunderstood of all corporate departments, but it’s also the most necessary. “The pattern of planned human resource activities.

1. 1 Introduction of Pubali Bank Ltd. Pubali Bank has been providing better services for its customers since with a promise to keep up its original tradition. Management Pattern of Janata Bank Ltd. Topics: Janata Bank Ltd is state owned commercial bank which was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 21 May as per companies Act and took over the business of the then Janata Bank with all of its assets, liabilities, right, power, privilege and obligation on a going concern basis.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh handed over all assets and liabilities of the then Pubali Bank to Pubali Bank Limited. Since then Pubali Bank Limited has been rendering all sorts of commercial Banking services as the largest bank in the private sector through its branch network all over the country.

Pubali Bank [ ]. Bank Asia Ltd Management Trainees Question Solution Bank Asia has been launched by a group of successful entrepreneurs with recognized standing in the society.

The management of the Bank consists of a team led by senior bankers with decades of experience in national and international markets.

16 Senior Management 21 Shareholding Pattern of the Company 22 Financial Data 24 Chairman’s Message Annual Report is available in the Website of the Company.

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