The reasons behind the largest corporate scandal of india accounting essay

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The reasons behind the largest corporate scandal of india accounting essay

An accident waiting to happen?: The failure of HBOS. BBC, 28 July MPs warn of public fury at size of fines for wrongdoing, most of which will go to US watchdogs.

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The Independent 16 January BBC, 15 August The Independent, 21 January Barclays fined for attempts to manipulate Libor rates Barclays has been fined? The fine is part of an international investigation into the setting of interbank rates between and BBC, 27 June Goldman Sachs bowed to pressure and decided not to delay bonus payments to benefit from a lower rate of tax, just hours after Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King attacked the plans as?

The Telegraph, 15 January A former Goldman Sachs board member has been found guilty of four criminal counts of insider trading by a federal court in New York. BBC, 15 June An anti tax-avoidance campaign group has won permission from the high courts to have a "sweetheart" deal between HMRC and the banking giant Goldman Sachs judicially reviewed for its legality.

Guardian, 13 June The resignation letter of Greg Smith, Goldman Sachs executive director and head of the firm? New York Times, March 14, Greg Smith, who quit Goldman Sachs this week, has realised our fantasy.

BBC, 15 March Goldman Sachs made more than a quarter of a billion pounds last year by speculating on food staples, reigniting the controversy over banks profiting from the global food crisis.

The Independent, 20 January The great hunger lottery - How banking speculation causes food crises In The Great Hunger Lottery, the World Development Movement has compiled extensive evidence establishing the role of food commodity derivatives in destabilising and driving up food prices around the world.

A Case Study Documenting Tesco’s Success and Challenges.

This in turn, has led to food prices becoming unaffordable for low-income families around the world, particularly in developing countries highly reliant on food imports. Guardian, 16 July Daily Telegraph, 19 April Royal Bank of Scotland directors will be obliged to consider legal action against Goldman Sachs if the US Securities and Exchange Commission succeeds in its fraud case against the American banking giant, say lawyers.

The Scotsman, 19 April A special report from Time Magazine. The Commission was established by Althingi, the Icelandic Parliament, in Decemberto investigate and analyse the processes leading to the collapse of the three main banks in Iceland. Sky News 5 February A video by Jonathan Jarvis created with the aim of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis by quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated.

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The reasons behind the largest corporate scandal of india accounting essay

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From being India’s IT “crown jewel” and the country’s “fourth largest” company with high- profile customers, the outsourcing firm Satyam Computers has become embroiled in the nation’s biggest corporate scam in living memory (Ahmad, et al., ).

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