The risks of cosmetic surgery essay

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The risks of cosmetic surgery essay

In fact, it is useless to go through a facelift.

Microblading: Facts, costs, and risks

The cosmetic surgery does may make you younger for a few years, but life goes on and the wrinkles come back. It is as unnatural to try to possess eternal youthas it is to oppose the ageing process.

Moreover, silicone implants have to be replaced within fifteen yearswhich seems to be a long time. Yet the fact that this implies a new surgery The risks of cosmetic surgery essay often forgotten.

A common ground to go through this procedure is to make oneself more confident, comfortable and stronger than others. Some youngsters see such an operation as a quick fix for their physical and their emotional problems.

Still, cosmetic surgery cannot produce miracles, and if teenagers keep thinking that way, our society is facing an unhealthy future.

The risks of cosmetic surgery essay

Cosmetic surgery should not be the option, and it should definitely not be taken lightly. It will change the patient's life, in ways he may not have expected. What is your point?

Every single person is unique and that is what makes life so special. The outside appearance is the representation of the inner-self. Therefore, drastically redesigning your looks causes strange effects, which was, for example, the case with Michael Jackson.

If your personality is lacking, your appearance will suffer too. Consequently, cosmetic surgery does not make you a different person. As wonderful as this piece of modern medical technology may sound, cosmetic surgery is not all that advantageous. That is why the idea of the perfect body image has to be thrown away wordingand it has to be recognized that everyone is a special human being.

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A study by Psychology Today magazine shows that many people are not satisfied with their looks: Unfortunately, with the help of cosmetic surgery, society tries to meet the perfect body image.

But is it the universal remedy? To begin with, however small the operation might be, there is always a chance something goes wrong. The numbers are very alarming: Although serious risks such as blindness and heavy lung problems are rather rare, less serious ones should not be neglected: In any case, cosmetic surgery is far from pain free.

And what is more, a rather large number of surgeries have already failed.

Risks and Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery Nichole Johns University of Phoenix Axia College Risks and Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery What is cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic surgery is a process of one or more surgical procedures that are used to restore or enhance the . Plastic surgery is a procedure to change ourselves not only to look better but to feel better as well. Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery. The obvious risk of plastic surgery is that it not only involves complications but also the risk of receiving bad work. People considering plastic surgery should be informed of all the risks. They should not be concerned with trying to live up to society's standards and the price of the operations. True self respect comes from within, and no amount of plastic surgery can change that.3/5(2).

That is to say: Take the year old housewife, Lorraine Batt, for instance. As a result of a surgery which was attempt to remove a scar caused by a caesarean section, she came to an untimely death.

Such tragic events are a strong warning that our society has to be less appearance-focused. In addition, effects of surgery will not last. The cosmetic surgery may make you younger for a few years, but life goes on and the wrinkles come back.

It is as unnatural to try to possess eternal youth, as it is to oppose the ageing process. Moreover, silicone implants have to be replaced within fifteen years.

There are, however, costs to such modifications. The notion that millions of pounds are spent on cosmetic surgery, while millions of people in developing countries need that money, is objectionable.Below is an essay on "Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Is Cosmetic Surgery For You? Christian Turner COM Abigail Uhrick Cosmetic surgery is a way to improve appearances, physical features, and defects. Many people Words; 4 Pages; Plasic Surgery Addiction [pic] This is a very sad addiction brings with it some very traumatic consequences.

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May 03,  · Argumentative Essay 'Against Cosmetic Surgery' Forums Essay, Paragraph, Dialog & other Composition Writing 10 83,; Could someone please help me with this argumentative essay? I have to write an argumentative essay against cosmetic surgery.

The risks of cosmetic surgery essay

But the real risk lies in the possiblitity that the surgery may fail. The History of Surgery. The Egyptians practiced surgery as early as B.C. Papyrus scrolls vividly describe the splinting of fractures, the care of wounds, the drainage of abscesses, etc.

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