The social consequences of communication technologies essay

This paper provides an overview of emerging information and commu- nication technologies ICTs that can be expected to become socially relevant in the next 10 to 15 years. It describes the results of a dual discourse analysis of public- cations on emerging ICTs.

The social consequences of communication technologies essay

Research Paper on the Future Shape of Communication and its Social Impact Nowadays the development of science, new technologies and especially communication produces a The social consequences of communication technologies essay impact on social life as well as on the life of each individual.

Such changes that take place in the contemporary world provoked numerous discussions as for structural changes in human society and even in the world system of international relations. Anyway it is obvious that the role of communication and new technologies will only increase.

At the same time it is necessary to remember that currently people get to be more and more informed. Moreover, they are simply overwhelmed with information and in the future the situation will be even more serious when the information would be receive permanently and every individual would be simply bombarded with new information via new and sophisticated means of communication.

Naturally, such a perspective stimulates specialists to re-think the role of communication and new technologies, their wide implementation and possible impact on an individual, human society and the world at large.

The future defined by digital umbilical cord The unparalleled progress that human society has never observed before provokes numerous discussions as for the future development of society and its structure.

At this respect, it should be pointed out that the role of new technologies, communication and media will constantly increase to the extent that it is possible to speak about a kind of digital umbilical cord that will define the future society, notably its ideology, preferences and even behaviour of individuals.

In fact, nowadays there are a lot of arguments as for the role of communication and technologies in this world. The main problem is that different specialists view the future information society, which features, by the way, may be already observed in well-developed countries, in different ways.

On the one hand, it is possible to view the information society as an absolutely new and unique shape of the society. On the other hand, there is a different view on the information society as the logical continuation of the current relations within human society during its long historical development.

As a result, the future society will be either an absolutely new form of society or simply another step in the development of social relations within the traditional society.

At the same time, it is necessary to realise what really provokes such discussions in the contemporary society. Obviously, the main reason for the development of the future information society and discussions concerning it is the development of new technologies and communication systems.

The development of new technologies makes communication really easy and eliminating all barriers. Nonetheless, specialists argue whether such a progress made by modern science is positive or negative and what would be the consequences of such a shift for human society and the life of an individual within such a society, the information society, as it has been defined above.

The universe constructed by media and constant supply of individuals with information Obviously, the increasing importance and significance of new technologies, especially in the sphere of communication can really change the social life at large and the life of an individual in particular.

At this respect it should be said that nowadays it is practically impossible to avoid the impact of the wide implementation of new technologies, communication and media because they constantly involve new spheres of every day life and in the future they would probably be everywhere. At first glance the high level of development of information technologies and the development of communication contributes to the general progress of society that can be assessed positively.

To put it more precisely, it is evident that new technologies and improvement of communication systems, the development of IT and Internet practically eliminated physical frontiers separating people and even nowadays people can easily communicate regardless the place where they physically are in the world.

In the future such a development would play even a more significant role and probably the virtual world would gradually become even more important than physical world.

The social consequences of communication technologies essay

In such a situation the development of communication technologies would eliminate this problem by providing the possibility for direct communication via different means of communication from a traditional phone to the most sophisticated means using IT or Internet.

Furthermore, the development of new technologies will necessarily provide people with the possibility to have ample access to a variety of information that really open new horizon for personal development. For instance, the development of communication and new technologies, or the development of artificial intelligence, could be used in educative purposes.

It means that people could use the information they have access to in order to learn something new they currently need. In such a situation the role of the contemporary education system would be reduced to the extent, which would teach students just how and where to get information they need.

Consequently they would not really need to undergone the current stages of education instead they would simply learn how and where to get information and they would be able to study individually, probably on the basis of some programs especially developed for this purposes.

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At this respect, the role of new technologies and communication may be particularly significant in economic and political sphere. For instance, in economy the role of humans would probably increase in highly technological processes where a human being could not compete with a computer or a robot.

As for politics, it is noteworthy to mention that Boden warns about the development of artificial intelligence and its application in politics:Communication Technologies in Canada Canada is also very unique in the global economy in light of their communication technologies. Canada is a unique country because it allows two main companies control its communication industry.

This essay will demonstrate the negative social, economical and political effects on host countries resulting from increasing mass migration from developing regions to developed regions in .

The argument is then addressed towards the largest social consequences tial outcomes of new technologies as through analysis of the augmentation and facilitation of social communities and online interest groupsthe key consequential developments of new media, culminating in the premise that online community augmentation is the most crucial in.


A Critical View of ICTs and Their Social Consequences 1 What Does the Future Hold? A Critical View of Emerging Information and Communication Technologies and Their Social Consequences Bernd Carsten Stahl Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, Department of Informatics, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, [email protected] Abstract.

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The social consequences of communication technologies essay

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