Why women still stay in abusive relationship essay

Relationship maltreatment is when person hurts or disturbances person else that they are in a relationship with. Some people think it merely happens in grownup relationship. It can besides go on in same sex relationship. Harmonizing to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why women still stay in abusive relationship essay

Many people who fall in love marry each other, and many break up or get divorced. But some of them are unlucky to get trapped in an abusive relationship; traditionally, it is considered that women suffer from abusive relationships more often than men, and are less likely to leave them.

Sometimes, women suffer from abuse for decades, without being able to break up with their tormentors; and although it may seem that breaking up would be the most natural and logical act, there are reasons that prevent women from doing so.

Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?

In many cases, women feel they cannot leave an abusive relationship because they have gotten used to abusive behavior since childhood, so they do not see violence as something that is out of order.

Unfortunately, dysfunctional families, in which emotional, physical, economical, or other kinds of abuse are routine, are not uncommon nowadays. Thus, in order to do so, they might need respective psychological assistance first. Rather often, victims of domestic abuse do not stay for the pain; it would be illogical, unless they were masochistic.

Why women still stay in abusive relationship essay

What makes women stay with abusers is they hope one day the violence will stop. Sincerely feeling guilty, abusers try to make amends, comfort their victim, and this is what gives women hope for the better.

It would also be a mistake to underestimate financial and health factors. For example, due to the lack of money, it can seem impossible for some abuse victims to leave, traumatizing the relationship.

Even if they could, they might have no place to go; this causes a strong feeling of helplessness, which causes a victim to think they would rather live with the abusive partner than take a leap into the unknown.

How Can I Help?

As we can see, it is not easy to leave abusive relationshipsbecause along with violence come numerous factors that prevent women from leaving abusive relationships. These factors should be considered before providing help to a victim of an abusive relationship.

Why Do Women Stay?Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships Falling in love with a person is, perhaps, one of the most important events in a person’s life.

Why women still stay in abusive relationship essay

Many people who fall in . So it is a one importance causes that why women stay in an abusive relationship.

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A broken family that we define to is not just divorced parents or estranged parents, but also included non-communicative family members that may all classify as a broken home. May 11,  · This is a sickness, when a male beats up a women and for a woman to take it, stay or go back for more, reach out and contact her psychical abuser, this too is a sickness, (the set of symptoms, injuries, and signs of mistreatment seen in a woman who has been repeatedly abused by a spouse, partner, or relative is called Battered Woman Syndrome).

Why Women Stay: The Paradox of Abusive Relationships Why Women Stay: The Paradox of Abusive Relationships. so we may never know why she is still in a relationship with the football player.

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A new study provides insights into the behavior of women entrenched in an abusive relationship with their male partner. Researchers discovered that many who live with chronic psychological abuse. There are some couple stays in an abusive relationship and mostly women get abused by their partner but, they still stay in the relationship.

Therefore, we would like to explore about the causes that woman willing to stay in an abusive relationship.

Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships? | pfmlures.com