Writing a reflective essay on work experience

How to Make an Introduction to a Reflective Essay? Any academic assignment should begin with the introduction. Informative Brief You should explain what you are going to describe and what your main ideas are; a proper start sufficiently increases your chances of success. The thesis statement should reveal your main purpose.

Writing a reflective essay on work experience

The whole week was incredible, the people were inspiring, the agency was vibrant and I learnt more in the space of a week than I had all year.

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I have really enjoyed my degree and have learnt a heaps, but if I could have learnt on the job….? In addition to that, there is no required placement for my degree… simply because it is too hard to find places for everyone.

I did one week of work experience at Home Beautiful magazine. I learnt how the office flowed, the systems through which each page and each decision has to go though before it goes to print.

I also learnt about file management and various admin tasks as well as prize draws, excel spreadsheets, contacting clients etc as well as helping and observing photo shoots and designing page layouts.

"Work Experience Reflections " by Shannon McLean | Redbubble

This week at Enigma, I learnt how to use QuickPrint, how to navigate their extensive computer filing system, to pay extra attention to detail, how a full design studio functions, a bit of animation and even went to a radio voice recording.

The basic skills I had learnt at uni using software and self-critiquing were great, but it was challenging being in a real environment.

Doing basic jobs like research and editing type were suddenly the most interesting and exciting things I had ever done!

In summary, Im not quite sure what I started this entry for… I am very tired and will probably go to bed now. I think it had something to do with everyone should do work experience because while uni gives you some good skills, nothing beats learning on the job, especially if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by brilliant and creative people.Creating any kind of papers requires a lot of patience, time, and good writing skills.

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writing a reflective essay on work experience

Reflective report of Marketing Reflective writing is an intricate process of inscription, what one learned from particular area and how it is useful in future. 'Work Experience Reflections' by Shannon McLean.

Reflective Essay Writing – What Makes It Special?

Today, I finished a week of work experience at Enigma. The whole week was incredible, the people were inspiring, the agency was vibrant and I learnt more in the space of a week than I had al. 1.

writing a reflective essay on work experience

Set up an events calendar for the company’s cooperate department (as I was working in this department during my work experience) 2. Look for future possible clients. The purpose of writing a reflective essay is to provide a platform for the author to not only recount a particular life experience, but to also explore how he or she has .

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