Writing help files

HelpNDoc This software lets you create documentation and help files for your project. It has a built-in wordprocessorcomplete with a spell checkerso that you can work from within the program itself or if you prefer, you can work in some other editor and import the results.

Writing help files

Responsive multi-devices, multi-screen size, cross-platform web sites Create stunning online help and manuals compatibles with all devices and screen sizes. Android and iPhone specific templates are also included and can be edited to customize any part of the generated HTML documentation.

Add optional security via PDF encryption and password protection to only reach the targeted audience. Fortunately, HelpNDoc encapsulates this outdated compiler in a straightforward user interface so that you can concentrate on writing the best possible user manual.

The Microsoft Word DocX file format is one of the most used and versatile document format for editing purposes.

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HelpNDoc can convert the whole documentation to a single DocX document optionally RTF document which can be opened by any Word processing application available on the market. HelpNDoc can leverage the Qt Help Framework to produce compressed, chm-like, help files for all the platforms supported by the Qt framework, making it extremely easy to publish documentation to a multitude of devices and systems.

Impossible Jean-Marie Masuy It is truly a relief to finally find a help file development product such as yours Chris Chunick Awesome product as I have been looking for something clean and easy to use and HelpNDoc is certainly it Bianca It is far above any of the other free or inexpensive help creators that I've looked at Dan Miller I have dreamt of this program for years.

Thanks David Latter I do not think help creation can get any simpler Prasad Philip HelpNDoc is by far the most fast, stable and easy-to-use help authoring tool I had used ever!

Marc Scheffer Want to create great documentations? HelpNDoc is free, fully functional, and easy to use. Produce your first multi-format documentation in the next minute or so.If you are writing a really big online help file then consider oXygenXML and/or Open Office Writer.

Writing help files

The former is a commercial product and the latter is free, open source software. The former is a commercial product and the latter is free, open source software.

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Free Help Authoring Tools HelpNDoc. This software lets you create documentation and help files for your project.

The program can then export your files as Windows CHM help files (the HTML help files used by newer Windows programs), web-based documents (HTML), PDF documents and Word documents. Writing help documents in this way might sound like hard work but there are authoring tools available to help make the process simple.

HelpNDoc is an example of free software which does all . Use these three best practices to ensure your online help documentation system actually helps your end users.

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3 Best Practices for Writing Online Help Documentation. Sagitec Solutions ; Mon, Feb 11, indisputable how-to guide for writing effective software help documentation.

What works for one user may not work for the other. Help+Manual is the leading help authoring tool for software documentation and easy content management. Writing Help Doesn't Have to Be Hard! This is combined with powerful features for generating and editing help and documentation files, including full support for multimedia and complex modular projects.

Writing help files

help examplehelpfile Original Message From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Dani Tilley Sent: Tuesday, 17 August PM To: stata Subject: st: Writing a help file for a command Hi, I'm thinking of writing help files for the Stata programs I've been working on, and was wondering if anyone could point me to some.

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